Greg Giesecke was named to Consulting Magazine’s annual list of Rising Stars: 35 Under 35 for 2018. Greg was honored in the category of Excellence in Leadership.

As the executive lead of Jabian’s Dallas office, Greg Giesecke has a keen ability to assess problems, synthesize implications, and provide meaningful solutions to clients. In 2017, he opened and grew, what are now, three of the firm’s largest accounts developing outstanding solutions.

“I get excited about facing new problems and getting to work with a great team,” he says. “A consulting career has offered me the opportunity to continuously work with new people on new problems. Over time, I’ve come to find that there are similar fundamental problems that businesses face. I enjoy finding the core of the problem, identifying what is unique, and having the confidence from past experiences to find the solution.”

Giesecke says one of the biggest challenges he faces is to think about problems from others’ perspectives. “All too often, we can get caught in the trap of thinking that everyone else shares our point of view or that our approach is the ‘right’ one,” he says. “In my experience, a recommendation or solution will always carry more weight, and often have a greater likelihood of success, if you consider where others are coming from and how you expect them to receive this information. I think that being considerate of others in this way will lead to better outcomes and create a closer engagement with those that you work with.”

The most rewarding accomplishments in his career, he says, have always come from the foundation of building strong relationships that turn into strong partnerships. “Last year we had the opportunity to work with a new client without any prior experience in their niche industry,” Giesecke says. “The unique experiences of everyone on the team led to a trusting relationship with the client that allowed us to ultimately develop an ongoing partnership.”

Greg is the fifth Jabian consultant in recent years to receive this recognition.