Chicago finally has the management consulting firm it deserves.

Jabian Consulting will soon open its doors in Chicago and bring the world-class problem-solving skills our clients in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas trust to solve their most complex problems. Whether it’s creating a new product launch strategy, designing and managing a technical and operational post-merger plan, mapping out an enterprise Agile transformation, or creating an innovative customer experience, our consultants apply experienced insights to deliver solutions that help our clients become more efficient and profitable.

We’re a local consulting firm which means our office in Chicago will only work with local clients.

Because we don’t travel, there are no excessive fees to pay and we’re available in-person every day. The cities where we work are our homes too, so we hold ourselves accountable to deliver the best results because we know we’ll see you around the community. That’s why we can guarantee our results – because our reputation depends on it.

To gain a better understanding of how we approach different projects and ideas, we encourage you to check out our very own award-winning business magazine, The Jabian Journal. Packed full of insights written exclusively by our experienced consultants, we provide thoughtful examination of a host of problems organizations of all sizes face.

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This is just the beginning and we’d love to keep you informed as we make Chicago our new home. To stay connected and receive updates about our Chicago office opening, relevant insights and events, please fill out the form below.

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