Jabian Consulting hosted its semi-annual People Strategies Executive Roundtable in April. We asked Angela Buttimer, a licensed psychotherapist, coach, corporate trainer, and author to join the group and lead a discussion on Mindful Performance for Leadership. This approach encourages leaders to take mindful, strategic actions to drive peak performance in themselves and their employees.

Mindfulness is a tool that is often recommended for use in our personal lives to help deal with the busyness of our everyday schedules. Angela discussed the power and importance of using this tool in our professional lives as well. The group discussed simple approaches to start applying mindfulness practices every day. One recommendation was to download a mindfulness app, such as Insight Timer or Calm, to help guide the user through meditation practices.

Corporate America is beginning to realize the link between wellness and performance. But it is important to note that wellness includes both our physical and mental health. During the roundtable, Angela made the comment that “Mindful Performance helps leaders develop and sharpen these competencies to optimize how they feel and perform.” When executives apply mindfulness techniques to their leadership style, companies can see a reduction in employee absenteeism, burnout, and stress and an increase in motivation, productivity, focus, creative problem-solving, innovative thinking, communication, engagement, and team building. Angela noted that mindfulness is typically introduced into an organization at the executive level. Once adopted at that level, it can cascade down throughout the organization – with the idea being that techniques are infused into a team’s daily norms and practices.

How are you feeling? Consider adding mindfulness habits to your life to perform at your best.


About Angela Buttimer:  Angela is a national keynote speaker, executive coach, licensed psychotherapist, and corporate trainer. She recently delivered a TEDx called “Defusing Stress with Mindful Mojo” and is the author of two books, CALM: Choosing to Live Mindfully (2011) and, Inspired: 365 Days of Mindfulness Mojo (2018). Learn more at www.pathtobestself.com.


About the People Strategies Executive Roundtable (PSERT):  Sponsored by Jabian Consulting, PSERT is a semi-annual roundtable series specifically for Atlanta executives who are in roles most often related to Leadership. Organization Development, Change Management, Business Transformation, and Strategy. The goal of the roundtable is to offer facilitated conversation around “all things people” in an informal, yet valuable, environment.