Major telecom sees 10% increase in overall IT efficiency

The Client:

A major regional division of one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

The Challenge:

The company’s IT organization faced numerous difficulties in planning and deploying software releases. They had never really approached software release planning from a scientific point of view and therefore lacked an organized system for defining projects and scoping requirements.

The company had excellent people and resources, but without an effective way to manage the interaction between demand and capacity, they were constantly running into resource constraints. These challenges, compounded by the highly complex nature of the business environment, resulted in serious quality and efficiency issues. So they asked us for help.

The Strategy:

We developed an analytical framework for managing software releases. This would enable the organization to define business needs clearly and early, then determine what it would take for IT to meet them. Our new framework provided a well-defined, scientific process for scoping projects, prioritizing requirements, planning capacity, and grouping releases.

Once the framework was in place, we had to make sure it would be fully adopted and properly used. So we developed training materials and conducted classes on how to operate in this new model. Then, we led the team and supported them through multiple cycles until they fully understood how to do everything without our hands-on help. We did this for five different business units.

The Works:

When we began this process, there was serious skepticism among the client’s employees. Within a few months, the engagement had been so successful that our greatest skeptics had become champions for the project, helping to train others. The new framework introduced much needed accountability and predictability to the software release process. As a result, the organization was able to align resource capacity to corporate strategies, anticipating and avoiding bottlenecks and delays. We deployed the new framework – including all the training – across six business units in six months. As a result of our work, the IT organization achieved a 10% increase in overall efficiency, leading to millions of dollars in savings for the company.

What about you?

In a large, complex organization, balancing demand and capacity for IT is never easy. You need a scientific framework that will help you identify capacity, prioritize projects, schedule releases, and manage it all. We can show you how. It’s a strategy that works.

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