“When working with Jabian I am assured they will invariably bring adept and professional resources who demonstrate their work ethics and passion to make the customer successful every day.”


Major software provider company

"Great mentoring and guidance from senior leadership has allowed me to pursue my Personal Platform."

2012 Jabian Employee Survey

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When your product is your people, they better be good.

Most firms have some bright stars. At Jabian, we only hire bright stars. These are highly accomplished individuals who care about your business as much as you do.

Our people come from diverse backgrounds and know how to work on cross-functional teams. Additionally, they have their areas of special interest and expertise where we encourage development and focus. We call these "personal platforms"; it's what they're currently thinking, speaking, and writing about. It's what gives our clients access to an incredibly wide range of specialist expertise and the most passionate people for their project.

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  • Meet some of our people:
    Meet Rebecca Rebecca75.png "At Jabian, I have the ability to truly drive the direction of my career."
    Meet Danielle Danielle75.jpg "Our clients become loyal advocates for Jabian, and it's Our People that make the difference."
     Meet Terry Terry Breuhl.jpg “Jabian makes a conscious effort to create a meaningful and positive impact."